Your North Georgia Family Doulas visited the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo 2019 on November 3rd in Alpharetta, GA. Did you attend? If not don’t worry, because we have all the details on some of the best vendors from the event! 

So glad you’re back for part 4 of our blog series on the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo 2019. If you missed part 1, you can access it here, if you missed part 2, click here and if you missed part 3, just click here.

Today’s blog is all about the Postpartum period. The postpartum period is full of an array of emotions and duties as you tackle your new role with your new baby. Things can get challenging not only physically, but mentally as well.  Our first featured vendor can help you tackle those unwelcome baby blues or even postpartum depression/anxiety. You are not alone, and it is okay to reach out for help if you feel that things just are right.

Holistic Wellness Practice

Located in Alpharetta, GA, this practice provides a holistic approach to mental health. They are Certified Perinatal Mental Health providers as well as Certified Bringing Baby Home Educators. They provide complementary consultations, which is very important because it can be very challenging (and expensive) to find the right therapist that is a good fit for you.

Their services include individual, couples & group counseling for: pregnancy, postpartum, parenting challenges, life transitions, relationship stressors, grief/loss. If you’re feeling down, stressed, stuck, or just not yourself, reach out to the Holistic Wellness Practice to learn more and take the next step towards your overall health.

Check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages here.

Parenting can be hard, especially with the first (well, let’s be honest, each new baby brings its own set of challenges). This local group we talked with at the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo has created simple, flexible, and fun family resources for birth through the toddler years.


Have you heard of Moms on Call? Did you know that they are based out of Atlanta? I didn’t! Moms on call provides resources for parenting including books, online course, personal consultations, and apps. Their resources help with sleep, feeding, and conquering the everyday challenges of being a parent.

Be sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages here.

Our next local postpartum service is one of my personal favorites!

I wish I had known about this amazing service when I still had a baby in diapers. Have you ever thought about cloth diapering? Are you afraid of all the extra laundry and work associated with cloth diapering? Do you want to try it because you know how great it is for baby and the environment? Well, look no further, because this company has you covered!

Tidy Tooty is a cloth diaper delivery service.

If you’re like me, you may remember your parents talking about using a cloth diaper service when you were a baby (no, just me?!). Well, concierge services are making a comeback, and this one is a much needed one in my opinion. This company will pick up your dirty pre-fold diapers and bring you a clean set later that SAME DAY. How amazing is that. You get to cloth diaper and not worry about the laundry! All you have to buy are the diaper covers and pins or snappies; but guess what, you can buy accessories right on their site.

But it gets better!

They provide a free in-home demo so you can actually learn how to use a pre-fold diaper.

They provide service inside the perimeter and the Metro Atlanta area, but they are expanding regularly. They are also a locally owned and operated company, so you can support your neighbors while saving money and the environment!

Be sure to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

 That’s a wrap for part 4! Be sure to come back for tomorrow’s installment, when we will be discussing some services that may be completely free of charge to you! Who doesn’t love free, am I right?!

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