Rachel and Brianna were so helpful to us during the pregnancy, and delivery and postpartum. I strongly do not think my delivery would have gone the way it did if it wasn’t for Rachel. I am forever grateful for her support. We will 100% have a doula again for our second baby.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Brianna

Rachel and Brianna were both amazing support throughout pregnancy. Rachel was there with us for delivery and we are so grateful. She was exactly the support we needed during labor and delivery. We will 100% work with them again in any future pregnancies and we recommend to anyone looking for a doula.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Brianna

I couldn’t have asked for anything more from them, they were knowledgeable, caring, available, and respectful of my wishes at all times. Would use again.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Chi

Lovely people. I highly recommend. My postpartum doula became like a family member and was just so gracious during a sensitive time. Thank you!


Postpartum Doula Support

We loved working with Rachel and her team. They went above and beyond to meet our needs. Even after our contract ended they were there for us if we had questions. My babies loved spending time with Rachel and her team and they learned so much during the time spent with them. We definitely recommend them and would hire them again.


Postpartum Doula Support, Rachel, Crystal, & Lindsey

I reached out to North Georgia Family Doulas because I wanted to have a birth experience that was different than my first. My son was stuck with shoulder dystocia and the hospital was trying to get me to have a C section or induce with my second. Hiring them helped me have the support and education I needed to be able to stand my ground and have the natural birth that I wanted with my daughter.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Lauren

After the birth of our first child, my husband and I often look back on our experience in the hospital with a little bit of emotional trauma. The birth itself went fine without any complications, but we were bullied, manipulated and pushed into unnecessary medical interventions throughout labor and delivery and in the care of our newborn. When we found out we were having another baby, we knew from the beginning that we wanted to hire a doula. I am so thankful for Rachel and Lauren at North Georgia Family Doulas. They are knowledgeable, personable, and supportive. I was able to have the unmedicated natural birth I desired because of Rachel’s coaching and encouragement throughout labor. I would not have been able to accomplish an unmedicated birth without her expertise.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Lauren

North Georgia Family Doulas’ Childbirth Prep was extremely valuable for myself and my husband to prepare for our home birth.  Rather than a class full of procedures and protocols of a specific hospital, the course was full of great information about what happens in the body during the birth process, which aided me in working with my body during labor instead of fighting against it.  The instructors are knowledgeable, engaging, and ready and willing to answer any and all questions.  I highly recommend all childbirth classes offered by North Georgia Family Doulas.


Childbirth Prep Class, Tracey and Rachel

My husband and I sought out North Georgia Family doulas to support me in an unmedicated hospital birth. From our very first meeting, Rachel was extremely informative and kind. She encouraged me that a FTM can achieve an unmedicated birth with the right tools and education. Rachel helped to ease my fears related to childbirth as this is one of the things that can cause the most pain! Together, we worked on my birth preferences while keeping in mind that you can’t plan your birth, but you should be as educated as possible to know what you do/do not want. During my pregnancy, my doula team was incredibly responsive. I remember two instances where I texted Rachel very early in the morning with a concern; however, I did not expect her to reply as soon as I reached out, but she did (one of those times being 4 am). During my labor, my husband mostly communicated with Rachel. She helped keep him calm and advised him on how to help me. I had a wonderful and quick birth experience after a very long and challenging labor. Once my baby was born, she had to be taken to the NICU. Based on our birth plan that our doula team helped us to create, we decided that if the baby had to be separated, my husband would stay with her. Rachel stayed with me for a few hours after birth until I could be reunited with my baby. I was very thankful for this support. It helped to keep me calm in a very vulnerable time. I can’t thank our doula team, Rachel and Lynn enough for all of their support!


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Lynn

After experiencing our first child’s birth in the hospital without a doula, my husband and I decided for the birth of our second child we wanted the support of a doula. We reached out to NGFD and felt like Rachel and Lauren would be a great fit! They are both wonderful doulas! We felt taken care of from start to finish. My husband and I appreciated the professionalism, insight, and genuine care we received from both ladies. Not sure if we will have any more babies, but I would not want to do labor again without a doula. NGFD would be the first doulas we would reach out to!


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Lauren

I highly HIGHLY recommend classes by North Georgia Family Doulas! They have a plethora of information they effortlessly share via trained professionals that is useful for any mom-to-be. I’m preparing for the birth of my first, and didn’t realize how much information I was either missing or had filled in from movie (mis)information). Even after reading several preparation books, I had gaps in my knowledge or didn’t have a full scope of every birthing process. NGFD filled those gaps and provided such a sense of relief, understanding, and preparation for both my partner and myself. Their energy put us at ease to talk about any topic and they provided answers to any possible questions we had. We were also provided many resources to take home to reinforce what we had learned and to reference later on. I truly cannot recommend them enough. I feel so much more prepared to go into labor now that I’ve spoken with them! If you have any questions about your upcoming delivery, or if you want a better experience, I recommend reaching out.


Private Childbirth Prep, Tracey and Rachel

My wife and I attended the childbirth prep class. Rachel and Tracey were wonderful to learn from and speak with. We highly recommend their classes for any soon-to-be parents.


Childbirth Prep Class, Tracey and Rachel

I had so many emotions that surfaced throughout the entire process, before, during and after labor. Rachel made space for each of my emotions no matter what I was feeling and offered amazing advice and words of comfort that would always bring me back to a place of reassurance and peace at the end of the day. She would offer verse s of scripture when they were applicable. I truly felt as though my relationship with God was strengthened and renewed after hearing Rachel’s perspective on many of the personal issues I was struggling with throughout.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel and Lauren

Rachel is an exceptional doula and one can tell how passionate she is about childbirth and everything around it. She is extremely professional, resourceful, and prompt in responding to needs. I would highly recommend her.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell

Rachel was awesome! I felt the freedom to just be where I was how I was and had her support all the way! She helped my hubby feel more confident in how he could help. Having her come over afterwards during postpartum was also great! It was nice to have that support and adult conversation.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell

We loved Tracey and Rachel! The fact that they are both birth workers AND mothers, it was great education from experience and from medical knowledge. They were also so fun and very open about everything: good, bad and yucky. It was great having physical handouts to follow along, videos to watch, and an online portal to access more info.


Private Childbirth Prep, Tracey and Rachel

The intensive session we took with Tracey Goddard- Johnson was so incredibly helpful. The atmosphere was very comfortable, the curriculum addressed topics we had not even considered, the instructor was incredibly professional and patient with a ton of experience to draw upon. We felt so happy with this class and the experience that we have contracted North Georgia Family Doulas to be our Doula and share in our birth story. We highly recommend this course!


Childbirth Prep Class, Tracey and Rachel

Having Lauren as our doula was one of the best decisions we made for my fourth pregnancy. She was a supportive, informed, compassionate birth professional who we relied on every step of the way. She was patient and knew just what to do. I had back labor with a sunny side up baby and she was able to help mediate the pain and get me in positions to get things moving. My husband was grateful for the invaluable support during and after the birth. Lauren is a strong leader with a powerful voice. I highly recommend her as a doula. She knows what she’s doing and how to best meet the needs of the family she is supporting.

Birth Doula Support, Lauren Heaslip

My husband and I are expecting our first baby and I can honestly say we are more than prepared for the birth of our baby. We took the childbirth classes with Tracey and Rachel. They were phenomenal! I would totally recommend taking a class with them if you are expecting. They really know their stuff!


Childbirth Prep Class, Tracey and Rachel

Crystal was very helpful! We are so glad to have had someone at our home birth that had experience and could give us good advice for when to proceed with calling the midwife. My labor was very quick in my opinion so nothing really met my expectations. I was in my own head the whole time. My husband however was probably the one that benefited the most from our Doula. He was very thankful to have someone there to help him through everything!


Birth Doula Support, Crystal Hendrix

My wife & I took classes here and we were very pleased and impressed with the knowledge, professionalism and personal warmth both Rachel & Tracey exuded. 5 stars, we highly recommend!


Private Childbirth Prep Classes, Tracey and Rachel

I highly recommend Rachel and Eva for any doula services for future mamas. They are knowledgeable, kind, and supportive. I reached out to Rachel during the last month of my pregnancy when Covid restrictions were lifted at the hospital I planned to give birth. She responded quickly and we met, my husband and I were confident that she was the right choice for us. This was my second pregnancy and I planned for a vbac after being manipulated into a unnecessary caesarean birth the first time for the doctors convenience. When I went into labor Rachel was there for me supporting me through labor at home for six hours of intense contractions. Her techniques and knowledge really helped me mentally and physically prepare for my birth. I wouldn’t have been successful without her help and guidance. I had a very quick labor and my baby girl was born shortly after we checked into the hospital. Rachel is the best and if you are looking for someone to help you get the birth you desire she will push and support you every step of the way. She was a blessing to my family.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell

I had an extremely fast labor that progressed so quickly that I didn’t quite make it out of the car at the hospital before my baby was born. Morgan stayed in communication throughout the whole process and stayed well beyond my 3rd stage to make sure all of my post-partum preferences were known and respected by hospital staff. Even though things happened quickly and wasn’t what we planned, Morgan stayed positive and reminded us of what really mattered – having a happy, healthy baby!


Birth Doula Support, Morgan Vara

Rachel was my post-partum doula and she was a big help with my newborn baby during the tumultuous pandemic. Rachel is a very gentle and caring person and we very much enjoyed having her around. She’s very knowledgeable when it comes to taking care of a baby and she also focuses on maternal well-being. I can whole-heartedly recommend her services to anyone looking for a great and reliable doula in the Greater Atlanta area.


Postpartum Support, Rachel Howell

Rachel was absolutely a great doula to have had during our pregnancy and provided great help that prepared us for our birth. She was truly available at any time to answer any questions and to give helpful tips. Having picked a package that included the post partum shift was great also. I highly recommend North Georgia family doulas to any couple that is about to go through this blessing of a journey!


Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell

I was on the fence about hiring a doula. I decided to start interviewing some to see if anything felt right. I reached out to approximately 10 doulas and interviewed at least 5. Rachel and I hit it off from our very first conversation. While I was interviewing other doulas, all I could think about was Rachel and how I felt like she was our match! Rachel has a very calm demeanor, which is extremely helpful during birth. Her presence brings stillness to the otherwise-sometimes-chaotic delivery room without her even having to speak. She is trained in a variety of coping mechanisms to use during labor and has had personal experience with a hospital birth and home birth. This gives her the ability to provide first hand advice to the mothers she is serving, regardless of the setting. In the weeks leading up to labor, Rachel checked in frequently. The morning I went into labor, I called Rachel at 4am. She met me at the birth center within an hour and a half as I was progressing rapidly. My daughter was born 2 and a half hours labor, completely unmedicated. I don’t think I could’ve done this without Rachel. She kept me, my husband, and my sister calm during a very intense few hours of labor. She held cold rags over my body when I was too hot, changing them frequently. She turned on soft music, brought inspirational quotes to hang around the room, and encouraged me with and without words. I would highly recommend Rachel (and already have!) to anyone. She will do everything she can to make sure you have positive birthing experience.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell

Rachel has been an absolute godsend for our family. I have 3 kids and when my newborn would not sleep at night we reached out to Rachel so I could get some much needed sleep. I was anxious about handing over my baby at night and being able to sleep but once Rachel showed up I had so much peace that my baby was in the very best care. Our 6 week old is colicky and has acid reflux issues. Rachel has been so patient and loving with her while also being supportive of me and my desire to continue breastfeeding. I am able to be a better mom during the day because of her. I can’t imagine not having her during this newborn season.


Postpartum Overnight Support, Rachel Howell

I cannot recommend Rachel and North Georgia Family Doulas enough. I decided to hire a doula a little later in pregnancy after I started researching natural birth. I wanted to try for a natural birth in a hospital setting but didn’t think I could do it on my own without help. Rachel supported me every step of the way through a tough pregnancy and was always available to answer questions and encourage me when I started to doubt myself.
My son was due in late March 2020, and the stress of preparing to deliver a baby during a pandemic was tough, but Rachel was incredibly supportive and helped me deal with the mental challenges I faced under those conditions. We learned a few weeks before I was due to deliver that Rachel wouldn’t be able to attend the birth because of hospital policy surrounding COVID-19. I was sad and frustrated, but Rachel assured my husband and me that we were prepared for the birth and that she would be with me at home and then available via phone or FaceTime throughout the delivery if I needed her.
For me, the most important benefit of hiring Rachel was that I went into the delivery knowing what to expect and feeling prepared. I woke up at 6:30 a.m. a few days after my due date to some cramps, but it was my husband, not me, who was sure I was in labor. I spoke with Rachel, and she helped me assess my progress. Two hours later, she was preparing to come to my house. I really wanted to delay going to the hospital for as long as possible to avoid interventions that I felt would be pushed on me in the hospital setting. I labored at home with Rachel’s help for several hours. Without Rachel, my husband and I would have left for the hospital much sooner out of fear that we wouldn’t get there in time. Rachel’s training helped us feel confident in executing the plan we’d put in place.
My son was born after about 12 total hours of labor, and I couldn’t have been happier with his birth. Even though Rachel wasn’t there in person, she was there in spirit. My husband and I knew how to handle the physical challenges of childbirth, how to speak with the hospital staff about the things we wanted and didn’t want, and how to stick to our birth plan. My son’s birth was such a happy, stress-free experience, and I attribute that to Rachel.

Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell

To simply put it, Rachel is amazing.

The moment you meet her , you will instantly notice how passionate she is about being a doula and breastfeeding. She is an amazing support and a great listener who will take the time to make it known that you are special. Rachel assisted me for my hospital birth. I don’t think I could have went through my plan of not receiving an epidural if it were not for Rachel’s constant encouragement. She massaged my feet with oils, which was my favorite. She made me feel powerful through those tough contractions and helped me push though it all. Rachel was my rock when it came to breastfeeding. Let’s be honest, those first weeks are tough and I can honestly say if it were not for Rachel, I wouldn’t be happily 9 months breastfeeding today 💖. I am extremely grateful for her.


Birth Doula Support, Rachel Howell


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