Your North Georgia Family Doulas visited the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo 2019 on November 3rd in Alpharetta, GA. Did you attend? If not don’t worry, because we have all the details on some of the best vendors from the event! 

We’re back today with part 5 of our blog series on the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo 2019. Don’t worry, if you missed part 1, you can access it here, if you missed part 2, click here if you missed part 3, just click here, and if you missed part 4, it’s right here.

The blog today is all about the devices that may be 100% covered by your health insurance! These companies will do the behind the scenes work to get you free equipment to use while pregnant and nursing. You don’t want to miss out on this one, so keep reading to learn how to get some free stuff!

Pumps for Mom

This company will find and purchase a breast pump for you through your insurance coverage! If you have insurance, most likely you can get a free breast pump while you are pregnant or in the early postpartum period (but don’t wait and miss the window, jump on it while you’re pregnant). You can usually even get a new one with each pregnancy. The process to actually get a pump covered through insurance can be long and confusing, and sometimes you have to come out of pocket and then get reimbursed.

Pumps for Mom makes it so easy to get a pump through insurance.

Just go to their website, complete the required forms, select your pump of choice from the options shown, and get your pump in the mail within 1-2 business days! It’s really that easy! They have a great selection of pumps to choose from and they do all the hard work.

So, are you ready to check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages?

So, Pumps for Mom has you covered for your postpartum medical supplies, but what about during your pregnancy? We all know there are plenty of aches and pains that pop up throughout pregnancy, and sometimes they are difficult to treat or figure out how to work through. This next service provider we met at the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo has you covered for some of those annoyances.


TBS Medical

TBS Medical provides 3 awesome devices that can be used during the various stages of pregnancy and the ailments that come along with it. You’ll get a back brace, portable blood clot prevention device, and a TENS unit. These products could very well be free of charge to you and covered by your insurance. All you have to do is fill out some forms and TBS Medical will let you know if you qualify for these devices through your coverage. If you qualify, they’ll ship them directly to you. All products are FDA approved, have no harmful side effects, and pose no threat to your health or your child’s health!

Let’s talk about what these devices can do for you during pregnancy. The back brace seems a bit like a no-brainer, but let’s discuss anyway. Pregnancy can cause lots of lower back pain due to the growing uterus and baby, the shifting of your organs, increased hormones, and general fatigue. A back brace can help to stabilize the back and ease some of the pain associated with all of these changes that cause back pain.

Can we say swollen ankles?! This next device may help with those.

The portable blood clot prevention device is great to, well obviously prevent blood clots! But did you know that you may be at an increased risk of developing blood clots while pregnant or right after giving birth? There are several factors that can increase the risk, including previous blood clots and family history; be sure to talk to your healthcare provider about your risk. It is advisable to remain as active as possible throughout pregnancy in order to prevent clots in your legs and pelvis. But what about when you have to stay seated for a long period of time, such as a road trip? This device can help to prevent clots in your legs because it helps to keep the blood moving, even when you cannot be active.

What the heck is a TENS unit?

The TENS unit can be your best friend and is a great tool to have throughout pregnancy and labor. TENS stands for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. You do need to be careful while using a TENS unit during pregnancy, as it can induce labor if used in specific spots. Be sure to read the instructions and learn how to use it before giving it a whirl. Maybe I’ll do another blog post another time on how to use a TENS unit during pregnancy and labor. During labor, it can be great for easing discomfort and pain caused by contractions. The TENS unit can be placed on the desired locations of your body during the early parts of active labor, and you can control when and how intensely to use it. This is a great little gadget to have on hand if you are planning a natural unmedicated birth.

So, are you ready to see if you qualify to get these items for free? Click on over to their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages.

That wraps it up for today’s blog, but be sure to check back tomorrow to learn about a couple of other great local services.

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