Your North Georgia Family Doulas visited the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo 2019 on November 3rd in Alpharetta, GA. Did you attend? If not don’t worry, because we have all the details on some of the best vendors from the event! 

We are almost to the end of our 7 part series, but don’t worry, today’s blog is only part 6 of our blog series on the Atlanta Baby & Beyond Expo 2019. Don’t worry, if you missed part 1, you can access it here, if you missed part 2, click here if you missed part 3, just click here, if you missed part 4, it’s right here, and don’t worry, you can read part 5 here.

In today’s blog, we’re going to talk about some things you may not have thought about but may want to think about now! Have you considered how safe your home is for your new baby? Keep reading to see if you should reach out to these local services.

The Mold Boss

Do you know what’s in the air in your home? Are you confident that you’re bringing your new baby into a safe and clean environment? The Mold Boss can help you determine how safe your air is for your family and what to do if it’s not up to par. They can test your home for mold and other air pollutants prior to baby’s arrival or anytime after. Is radon a concern in your area? They can test for that as well. They are your local mold, water, and air quality experts! They also provide additional services including mold remediation, crawlspace services, air quality restoration, biohazard & sewage clean up, and water damage restoration. Their prices are based on the size of your home. They are located right here in Marietta! Hopefully your home is clean and ready to bring home baby, but if it’s not, they have you covered.

Check them out at their website here.

Do you have a pool in your back yard? If not, do you like to go to the pool often in the summer (or extended summer down here!)? Do you want to make sure that your baby is safe around the pool? Have you heard about or seen the videos of very young babies floating and swimming to safety when they fall into a pool? Check out this next service for information on how to keep your baby safe around the pool.


Goldfish Swim School

If you have a pool or even if you don’t, starting swim lessons early can help to ensure the safety of your children around bodies of water. If you’re like me, your child drowning is a pretty big fear that can cause panic and anxiety, even when it comes to baths. Goldfish Swim School offers swim lessons for babies as young as 4 months! Start them young and they’ll be swimming like fish before you know it. The fear and anxiety about your child drowning in the pool out back or at your friend’s house will decrease significantly if you know your child knows how to swim or float to safety. Goldfish Swim School has 3 locations in the Metro Atlanta area including Johns Creek, Roswell, and Sandy Springs. They are open year-round with an indoor pool for swim lessons and Family Swim. You can even host birthday parties at their locations. They offer a FREE “mini prep” class which is a gentle introduction to the water for ages 3-6 months, accompanied by a parent.

Go ahead and check out their website, Instagram, and Facebook pages for more details.

We’ve discussed so many great local vendors and products, where could we possibly go from here. There is one service that we have not discussed that often times gets forgotten during pregnancy and early childhood, but this service can be a game changer. Be sure to check in tomorrow to learn all about it and some local providers to check out.