Meet Tracey Goddard-Johnson

Certified Childbirth Educator
Postpartum Doula
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Tracey Goddard-Johnson is a certified Childbirth Educator with International Childbirth Educator Association (ICEA) since 2019. Tracey gained certification as a Midwife in London, United Kingdom and worked as a Midwife caring for and supporting women in the Prenatal/Intrapartum/Postpartum period for 12 years. Tracey conducted hospital, birth center, and home births. She also taught prenatal classes regularly and gained a vast range of experience within her time in this capacity. Tracey moved permanently to Georgia in December 2016.

Tracey is a mother to five children, and a stepmother to one child; she has been married to her husband of 26 years, and she believes she has been blessed with her family not just for her to love and enjoy, but to also help other women and growing families as they experience the mountain tops and valleys of transitioning to motherhood. Tracey is passionate about supporting women, and believes it is her calling and vocation to do so, by empowering and informing women of their birth options. She believes women’s birth outcomes can be significantly improved with childbirth education and education about their health in pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Tracey has her faith in Jesus Christ and is a firm believer in the redeeming love of Jesus; she attributes anything and everything she has ever and will ever achieve in her life to God alone. Tracey draws strength in knowing that she can do all things through Christ who strengthens her. Tracey fully understands that it is in God she lives, she moves and in him she has her very being.  It is as a direct result of God’s love and grace in her life that she intends to extend to everyone she encounters the love and grace of Jesus Christ.

Tracey loves music, singing, and baking, she has sung in various choirs, worship teams, and singing groups most of her life. Tracey believes that music touches the very heart of people and of God, in ways words alone cannot. Tracey enjoys spending time with her family as she believes precious memories and moments are priceless gifts that should never be undervalued. She believes in the power of prayer for every situation as she has seen it work within her own family countless times.

Tracey has a strong desire to return to delivering women in the future as a Certified Professional Midwife. She believes that God has a plan for her life, and she is seeing that plan unfold day by day, but until then she is extremely happy to utilize her knowledge and skills in the capacity of Childbirth Educator until the time has come for her to be able to do so.

Tracey is an ICEA Certified Childbirth Educator!

Doula Trainings International

Tracey was a Certified Midwife in the UK.

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