Meet Lynn Hansen

Postpartum Doula
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Birth Doula

Blessed with four healthy children, the journey from pregnancy through the stages of motherhood has been an extraordinary experience for Lynn. She believes that the birth of a baby is one of the most beautiful and miraculous events to be witnessed! Her interest in motherhood has grown even more as she has watched two grandchildren be born and has had the opportunity to support a single mother as she delivered by cesarean section. Knowing the challenges of pregnancy, delivery, feeding, and caring for an infant, she has a desire to be a support for new mothers.

Lynn enjoys spending time with her large family, friends, walking her three dogs, adventures and sleepovers with her grandchildren, yoga, and reading. Her love of Jesus inspires her to spend time in Bible study, volunteering in church, in the schools, and in the community. She is forever thankful for God’s creation of new life and the honor of being a mother!

Lynn uses her Full Spectrum Doula training with the MaternityWise Institute to support and enhance the postpartum experience of famlies with a brand new baby!

Lynn is based out of Acworth in Cobb County and provides postpartum support to clients who live within an hour of Acworth.

Lynn is a MaternityWise Pre-Certified Full Spectrum Doula including Labor, Postpartum, Lactation, and EpiDoula.

Labor Certified

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