Meet Ajla Kamber

As a mother of 3 beautiful daughters, my goal has been to help them become strong women that can take on this world. In doing so, I also realized that I had a drive, a passion, to help other women. I have volunteered for women’s domestic violence organizations, I have aided women in building businesses, and I have trained women to share their life stories through the power of speech. Throughout my life, any time I was in the presence of a baby, whether that be the newborn of a family member, a friend, or a stranger we see in public, my attention would immediately gravitate to the child. During the summer of 2019, my purpose as a doula was born when I had an epiphany: what better way to support women than to become a certified doula and help women in the most memorable part of their lives, childbirth. During my ProDoula doula training, I met Rachel Howell, and we soon discovered our passions matched, we BOTH wanted to help women in these monumental achievements of womanhood. And so North Georgia Family Doulas was born, with TWO doulas on hand: Rachel providing labor services and I was prepared for postpartum.

During my pregnancies, I have had a wide array of experiences. From a long and dangerous first labor, to my second child with respiratory illness, and a difficult 9 months with my third child that resulted in severe postpartum depression. My experiences have provided me with the courage, knowledge, and empathy to work alongside mothers and assist in their wondrous journeys.

When I am not following my passion as a postpartum Doula, you can find me teaching my girls important lessons in life, reading to expand my knowledge, watching documentaries (an occasional horror movie slips in), enjoying different parts of metro Atlanta, and chasing babies to pinch their little cheeks ever so gently.

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